About Us

Where good design meets things that work

Bring back play! This is our mission at Great Circle Works. We live it by creating, manufacturing and distributing unique, well designed quality toys and sporting goods that engage and excite kids of all ages and their parents. Since 2007, Great Circle Works has collaborated with brilliant designers and exceptional artists to create fun, long-lasting products that fuse the best of modern design with traditional functionality – and we’ve won a few awards too!

Getting kids thinking and moving matters to us at Great Circle Works. Whether they are racing down a snow mountain on Zipfy or besting their grandparents with our Logiq Tower, our products get kids off the couch and away from their screens. We energize kids’ minds and bodies with colourful, interactive products that promote learning and active play. We help kids and families have FUN.

Our approach is very simple. We create new and interesting designs for products that work. And then we build them. The majority of our products are manufactured in North America as we are keen to keep

things local when we can. However, there is so much global talent out there that we also want to work with innovative inventors and artists from across the world. We showcase their work and support their growth. We care about the people we work with.

We also like to help companies who share our ethos so we distribute fun things made by others too. Great product is great product, whether we’ve built it or not. If it supports our mission to bring back play, we’re interested!


Our Mission:

  • Create unique, well-designed, quality products that promote active play and learning for kids of all ages
  • Collaborate with inventors and artists to build long lasting products and recognizable brands with a global reach
  • Celebrate our inventors and artists by crediting their work and showcasing their talent
  • Support other businesses and help build other great brands through our global distribution channels
  • Contribute to growing innovation in product design and engineering